Very few contractors know the residential construction business as well as Michael Kavin. Michael has built a successful construction firm based on integrity, quality and craftsmanship. I know his clients are pleased with the extraordinary service level and high quality product provided by Kavin Construction, and I can vouch for his integrity. Anawalt Lumber and Kavin Construction have doing business for over 30 years and I know that Mr. 凯文的客户很高兴他们选择了网赌最正规的软件公司.

Dave Anawalt
Anawalt Lumber Company
Multiple Projects For Years

在我们被介绍给Michael Kavin和Kavin Construction之前, we’d had nothing but nightmares with the contractors we had worked with. They were nice people who promised to deliver what we wanted and needed and indeed had contracted for, only to let us down in the end. Kavin Construction的情况正好相反. 如果你正在考虑重新装修你的家, the only company to consider, in our opinion, is Kavin Construction. 他们的工作是无可挑剔的,他们支持他们所做的每一件事. 考虑到我们过去的经历,他们给了我们意见.

Our house is as beautiful as it is solidly built — or rebuilt as the case may be. 迈克尔·凯文经常来这里查看情况但他的手下, 由了不起的丹·迪克森在我家主持, didn’t require much oversight as Dan and his guys were on top of every nail and fixture that went into the finished product. We love our house, our friends love what we did and we have Kavin Construction to thank for it!

Gary And Teddi Cole

For six years I suffered the tortures of the damned because of bad contractors until Kavin Construction came to my rescue to finish an entire remodeling of my home. In effect Kavin Construction saved my life because of the almost unendurable nature of what I had experienced up until this point with the building trade. Kavin Construction并不是普通的建筑公司, 这家公司唯一的奉献和承诺就是信任, service and excellence.


1. People from top to bottom who are among the best I have ever dealt with in any company, any trade, in any business.
2. Total supervision; I had a foreman, supervisor and owner all overseeing my project.
3. A bi-monthly bill that was so comprehensive and detailed in nature that I knew every moment where every cent had been spent and how, 所有与我工作有关的东西都要复印.
4. An attention to detail like no other and an understanding how important ‘attention to detail’ is to any job and client.
5. 守时、礼貌、友好、尊重.
6. 在各个方面都是最高的工艺.
7. 一种从第一分钟到最后的完全信任的感觉.

I feel so strongly about Kavin Construction that I welcome and encourage anyone to call the office of Kavin Construction for my phone number so that I may speak to them in person to give them a more detailed account of just what I experienced.

Rocky Eversman
Complete Condo Remodel

I have been using Kavin Construction for over 20 years and I can’t say enough about them. 他们为我做了很多项目, and Michael and his staff have been there for me every step of the way. 他的人民都很好,有爱心,有爱心. I always say, if you are still on friendly terms with your contractor after the job is done, 这就是一个好承包商的标志.

Susan Haber
Multiple Remodeling Projects

我认识Michael Kavin和Kavin Construction已经超过16年了, and through the years have built many large and small scale custom residential projects together. 我一直对网赌最正规的软件印象深刻, and by Michael Kavin’s ability to surround himself with truly qualified professionals who have a thorough understanding and enjoyment of fine home building. 作为一名架构师,这让我的工作更容易.

I too, have always been impressed by Michael’s unwavering principle of setting realistic expectations for the perspective client, 关于建设成本和进度. In a highly competitive business, I have watched Kavin Construction lose work rather than deliberately deceiving a perspective client into signing a contract and ‘looking for ways to make it up later’.

In my opinion, 网赌最正规的软件一直是一个非常, very short list of qualified custom home builders here in Southern California. Through good and bad economic times, Kavin Construction remains a stable and trusted force here in Los Angeles. Their refusal to compromise quality and professionalism makes them a top choice.

John Himes
Multiple Projects for Years

Kavin Construction has always impressed me with their quality work and personable and qualified Construction Managers. Their proposals are undoubtedly the most detailed I’ve seen in my more than 18 years in the industry. All of this leaves little chance for change orders or Client dissatisfaction. 网赌最正规的软件是我客户推荐名单上的“首选”.

Ernie Mack
Multiple Projects Over Years

As a client representative, I have worked with Kavin Construction for 18 years. During that time, 凯文一直信守承诺, on time and on budget and to the satisfaction of some very discriminating personalities. 当我要雇一个承包商来建造我梦想中的房子时, 我毫不犹豫地只打了一个电话, to Michael.

Mark Lowry
Business Manager

Terrific to work with. Responsive. Really goes the extra mile to make sure that your expectations are met.

– Sharon Beckman

Business Manager
Vendor and Referrals for 35 Years

网赌最正规的软件公司兑现了他们的承诺, they are quick, affordable, 干净,工作也很出色. They are enthusiastic, look at every project as an adventure and have the experience to match their enthusiasm. 我强烈建议与他们合作.

– Jamie Lee Curtis

Residential Improvements

Kavin Construction did a complete remodel of the house that I grew up in. Michael Kavin is a terrific contractor – he has always been so professional, honest and helpful – constantly working with us to find solutions to any issues that arose during construction, as well as always offering support and assistance even after the construction was completed. 在我与承包商打交道的经验中,这是非常罕见的. I can always count on Michael Kavin to explain things to me in great detail and guide me through the stressful process of making difficult choices during construction. Kavin Construction made the remodel experience relatively worry-free.

Jena Frankel
Complete Home Remodel

我最近继承了贝弗利山的房子,我就是在那里长大的. My family has owned it for 50 years; and, nothing has really been done to it for 40 years. My Husband and I decided to move into the house and have it completely renovated. Since I lived in Arizona at the time, I wanted to hire a contractor I could trust. We hired Michael Kavin because he has the best reputation in the city… great work, good prices, and is very trustworthy. He honestly assessed the situation and told me what I should and should not do. The house turned out AMAZING…it is not the same house I grew up in any more…it truly is our brand new house! THANKS Michael for a great job!!! P.S. 我在普雷斯科特的寿司店的时候, AZ, someone we knew brought in a couple that just moved from LA to Prescott, AZ. I explained we were moving back and mentioned who was doing the contact work. 这对夫妇认识迈克尔,并同意他是洛杉矶最好的承包商. 迈克尔,你的名声很好.

Bonnie Heidler
Complete Home Remodel

I have known and worked with Michael Kavin and Kavin Construction since the late 1980s on many construction projects, all varying in complexity and scope. 他们的反应真是不可思议,无人能及. As a Real Estate Broker, I have recommended Kavin Construction a great many times and they always make me look brilliant. 为此,我只希望我能更多地推荐他们!

Steve Lewis
Real Estate Broker

I was pleased with Kavin’s work on the substantial renovation of my home. 有高质量的工艺和扎实的预算注意. Michael Kavin was good to work with, and the superintendent on the job was a real difference-maker. They have also provided invaluable support in dealing with ongoing maintenance issues as they arise.

Larry Murphy

You guys are the most professional, friendly, and resourceful group that I have met in this business! You were able to make a working household of four generations of 8 people continue to live inside the house while conducting the work and finishing within the time limit proposed when we first started the project. Any project comes with its snags, but these group of professionals were able to work through those snags and provide knowledgeable and reasonable solutions to the issues. 由网赌最正规的软件所完成的工作, namely the tireless work, dedication, supervision of Dan Dixon (one of Kavin’s great Project Managers) is surpassed by none. I live in a very busy house with family visiting at all times of the day, both announced and unannounced, and each one of these people have proclaimed that the quality of work for the price paid is worth every penny! I am proud to say that the entire remodel and additions will be because of the flawless work, effort, 以及Kavin Construction可利用的资源.

Ashish Patel
Complete Home Remodel

网赌最正规的软件公司建造了我们的5500平方英尺. custom home in Brentwood and we were very happy with the entire process. 一切都很专业,也很及时. The on-site supervisor was diligent and followed through with every detail. When issues or unanticipated conditions arose, he proposed quick and reasonable solutions. Our home was completed in exactly one year and we still live happily in it, 所有的保修问题都得到了满意的解决. 我们强烈推荐Kavin Construction.

Tom Sing and Mary Chan
5500 Square Foot Custom Residence

我们对我们家的工作质量感到兴奋. The project was on time, on budget, and was performed by skilled people who cared about the home they were working on – which was very much appreciated. 能回到自己喜欢的房子里真是太好了.

Roger and Winnie Stanard
5,000 Square Foot Remodel

网赌最正规的软件公司按照承诺,按时,按预算完成了任务. 最重要的是,完成的项目看起来很棒.

Richard Sherman
Business Manager

We would like to extend our thanks for all that you have done to make our home building experience a pleasurable one. The whole process was overwhelming with all the decisions that were to be made, 但你们一直陪着我们. And we are also extremely pleased with the company’s commitment to quality and detail in the planning and completing our house.

– Dr. Clifford and Pinky Bernstein

4000 Square Foot Custom Home

Recommendations for Kavin Construction are passed from friend to friend like a well-kept secret. 我就是这样被介绍给凯文的, and having used them to rectify all the problems with my house that were left by the previous construction company, 也开始了我自己的新作品, 我也可以毫无保留地推荐他们.

他们以极高的标准工作, 在(很少的)情况下,一个人不能完全满足, 他们会回来再做一次,直到达到预期的结果.

拉里(纽伯格饰)就像一家人一样, and, as someone who is often away, I am happy to leave him with a key and for him to attend to any work that needs attention in my absence.

– James Dearden
Residential Improvements

Because of their attention to detail and strong focus on client satisfaction, Kavin是我们项目成功不可或缺的关键组成部分. Kavin’s professionalism and experience enable our creative visions to become reality in the best possible way.

Jim Grant
Multiple Projects Over Years

网赌最正规的软件的质量和网赌最正规的软件是最好的企业之一. From their extremely detailed bids to their on-site professionalism and quality, they set a standard that raises the bar for the rest of the construction industry.

ISB Design Group
Multiple Projects Over Years

You hear a lot these days about how important exceptional client service is in today’s economy and Kavin Construction is a great example of a company that lives by this philosophy and in turn, is able to win customers for life. 在项目上见过我之后, Michael Kavin had qualified workmen and required them to handle the complete ground up construction of my new Brentwood residence. After many years with dealing with numerous contractors, I’ve seen it all. 现在我很高兴地说,我看到了最好的.

Christian Chase Larson

在过去的15年里,我们和网赌最正规的软件公司合作过两次. 我发现他们非常专业, straight forward, and there have never been any of those horror stories you hear about with other construction companies. I would recommend Michael Kavin and Kavin Construction unequivocally.

Don Mischer

We have been clients for 12 years and always trust Kavin Construction to stand behind their work.

David and Linda Simon
Two Home Remodels Over 12 Years

How many people finish an expensive, longer-than-expected, major remodel and, at the end say, ‘I love my contractor!’? We are those people. 我们对我们的建筑监理人非常满意, 他选择的值得信赖的分包商, the top quality of the work, 账单的及时性和谨慎记录了每一个细节. The owner of the company, Michael Kavin, was always available if we had any questions or concerns. 我们强烈推荐Kavin Construction. They stand behind their work and do everything possible to keep their customers happy.

Gregory and Andrea Smith


网赌最正规的软件对质量的承诺是无与伦比的. Upon starting our extensive project, it was clear they select only the finest subcontractors who reflect their high standards and professionalism. The over twenty-five different trades who contributed and collaborated exceeded our expectations.

网赌最正规的软件的项目经理交付了. 随着项目规模的迅速扩大和挑战的出现, 他们提供了宝贵的见解和想法, only further supported by Michael Kavin’s vast knowledge and expertise.

We were fortunate to be referred to Kavin Construction for our project from a good friend who had a terrific experience with them previously for his own home remodel. 我们会毫不含糊地将Kavin Construction推荐给其他人!

Tom Trellis and Mark Gunsky

我和迈克尔·凯文共事超过25年了. His company operates with a high level of professionalism, quality control, and follow-through. I regularly refer people to his company and I am always happy with the work. 很高兴能和Michael Kavin一起工作 & Kavin Construction.

Donnal Poppe
Land Use Consultant